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Carrier Lookup and Type return Onvoy/ as Landline making 3rd party apps non complient.

I have searched for the same issue I am having and, have not found similar surprisingly, although it may be in there somewhere, I apologize if this is a duplicate thread.


Multiple apps are starting to make it standard to check for carrier type when doing a lookup.  In fact, if I'm developing and using SMS I just do it manually finding the gateway through a carrier lookup which if mobile will return in format of  : "number@carrier-gateway.tld", then format an e-mail to it with the proper headers and sending address, and it's an SMS without paying twilio for a stupid number, or having to pay someone else for poorly written api that charges you per sms....    But when its a smartline, I've never been able to pull an internet-gateway, and always returns landline.  


Which is no good for developers trying to avoid using a GSM Gateway for SMS,  which is in the near future is going to be obsolete anyway, and everything will be sent thru an internet gateway for SMS/MMS and GSM will be a last resort.  


So I think it would be a great feature if you guys could add that or give us the option to chose at least mobile or landline for the lookups, and we would still be able to use it for registration on secure things like wells fargo, chase, and zelle, all of which have just rejected my smartline numbers within the last week, and making it very difficult to pass 2 step authentication  or get into the account to change the number...