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SSL Certificate Validity Period

I am on the same boat as it was discussed here Solved: SSL Certificate Validity Period - GoDaddy Community


I understand that the certificate needs to be renewed every year. I have no problem with that. However, I have problem with the GoDaddy auto renew process. My certificate is not expired until this month 3/2021, but in 1/2021 (two months ago) the auto renew process kicked in , charged my credit card and generated a zip file for me to download. The problem is the certificate in the zip file is only valid to 2/2022, which is one month short of what the renewal for. When I contact tech support, they asked me to rekey in order to get that one month back. While I was trying to point out that the certificate created by the auto renew is wrong, the tech tried to talk about rekeying. The instruction in the email that I received at the renewal time said download the file and upload to the server, nothing about rekeying. I understand that it is a good practice to rekey your server often, but what if I don't want to rekey for some reason, or just to keep it simple. If I just be quiet, accept the fact that it is one month short and use the zip file that was created, then there was no tech support and no rekeying in the conversation. If GoDaddy want me to rekey every time I renew, then put it in the instruction. Don't just let the auto renew start two months early, create the certificate file with one month less and instruct me to just update it on the sever. Please fix it.