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What To Expect From 5G Cellular Network

The rollout of 5G has begun and is sweeping across Australia to the great benefit of people working and learning from home. Measurably faster than 4G, users can be more productive and enjoy faster delivery of entertainment through a more reliable network.


5G stands for ‘5th generation’, and is the successor of the widely adopted 4G cellular network. The global rollout began in 2018 and is now already available in many locations within Australia. The rollout will ramp up throughout 2020, with some telco networks already adopting the technology. 


This global move to a 5G cellular network is driven by its faster speeds and ability to handle more connected devices than the existing 4G cellular network. It has the potential to change the way people live and work, offering a more efficient network and newer enhanced technologies, which were simply not possible on previous mobile networks. 


Why should you switch from a 4G to a 5G cellular network?

With more households relying on the internet for work, study, communication, and business, a 5G cellular network bring the promise of more adjusted connectivity; eliminating common issues relating to lag, buffering, and latency. 


"5G is here, and it's growing fast. In addition to being a superior mobile network, for many people, it will provide a better home solution than the NBN." —Liam Bal, CEO of Spintel


Simply put, the old 4G cellular network can’t keep up with the technology that’s currently being rolled out. More applications these days require massive amounts of bandwidth in order to function. The 4G cellular network just cannot deliver what most people now require a reliable internet connection. 


How 5G cellular network will make you more productive?

For any jobs which happen online, working with a 5G cellular network can save huge amounts of time through performance and productivity. To take advantage of this, computer brands are already releasing laptops specifically built for the 5G cellular network. This allows them to take advantage of increased network performance. 


Qualcomm (the semiconductor behind Samsung’s 5G phone and the world’s first proposed 5G laptop) has demonstrated that compared to an Intel Core i5, its own processor could load 10 web pages approximately 13 seconds faster. A 5G cellular network powered laptop could save 1 minute and 11 seconds over the Intel when multitasking, as well as save almost 11 workdays of productivity a year!


How 5G cellular network connects you to the future?

Emerging technologies are becoming so intelligent that old networks cannot support their efficiency. From artificial intelligence to virtual reality (VR), the need for a hyperfast network requires a solution only a 5G cellular network can deliver. 


The 5G cellular network is estimated to be around 20 to 100 times faster than the 4G cellular network. This speed means new technologies can finally receive the network they need to work at full capacity. The characteristics of the 5G cellular network will help individuals and industries to connect to the future. From robot-driven ‘smart factories’ to telemedicine appointments, remote surgery, smart energy grids, and autonomous vehicles, the 5G cellular network has the speed and capacity to shape the way we go about daily life like never before. 


A future powered by 5G cellular network

Major telcos are racing to adopt the fastest 5G cellular network, with consumers quickly following suit. Providing increased speeds and greater bandwidths, the 5G cellular network is expected to improve daily telecommunications as well as fuel transformative new technologies. Owners of a 5G cellular network device can say goodbye to spotty service and slow download speeds and welcome a network that’s fast enough to support their demand. 

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