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    Additional business apps through Office 365

    Hello!  I am currently subscribed to two Office 365 email accounts through GoDaddy.


    I've decided to add on some additional add-ins through appsource.microsoft.com which I had trialled through an onmicrosoft.com email address which I created to preview software on their store.  Anytime I try to modify my Office 365 package (Business Essentials), I am routed to a message that explains that my subscription is "managed through work" which I suspect means that since I pay GoDaddy as the service partner, I need to manage my services here.


    How do I add additional services to my existing plan through GoDaddy?  If this is not available, then what is the advantage of using Office 365 services through GoDaddy as a partner when the same service with AppSource subscriptions is available through Microsoft directly at the same cost?