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    New to Business world

    I'm new to the business world. Any tips
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    Re: New to Business world

    Start with a business plan to help determine what you do short and long term. It helps identify guard rails of critical aspects of your business success vs doing things which appear advantageous but take you down a rat hole or monopolize all your time. I’m a firm believer in setting not only short term goals (daily, weekly) but also defining success - what will success look like when I achieve it? Then, work backwards so you know what needs to be done today, next week, next month, etc. happy to chat further if you send a PM. I’ve owned two businesses in the past and have used the same “recipe.” I certainly don’t have all the answers, but you’re among people on the GoGetter site that are exceptional entrepreneurs!


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    Re: New to Business world

    Hi, my advice if your starting out is find a mentor to help you plan out your business.

    Also when creating your goals I suggest 10X them, the effort required is the same as

    attaining any size goal, your tasks to achieve them will change and it will be worth it - 10 times.

    Feel free to reach out with your biggest obstacle you have right now and I will help you overcome and break through to your next level.



    Re: New to Business world

    A business plan will be crucial, it is the document that banks and potential investors utilize to determine the risk in loaning to or investing in. This document should be a living document that should be periodically updated as your business starts, grows and changes.

    The next piece of advice is make sure that you and your business have the ability to adapt to changes with your industry, market and the economy. The dynamics of industries change all the time, successful business adapt and overcome those changes to maintain or gain competitive advantage.

    Utilize the small business resources that are available to you. Don’t try to do it all yourself. By leveraging resources your product/service will be better off. Think of the the resources as investments in your company.

    My last piece of advice is don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are the best methods of learning, it’s how you respond to those mistakes and what you do to fix them so they don’t happen again.

    I own a small business consulting firm. Feel free to visit my website or shoot me an email with any specific questions you may have. www.recenseregroup.com Rob@recenseregroup.com

    Good Luck!
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    Re: New to Business world

    Hi @Kidds__Cells,


    My advice is pretty simple.  Do the things that you are good at.  Get help with the others!  The time you save by getting help from those who have a different skill set is key to keeping things on track. 


    Sometimes help doesn't necessarily mean a person!  For example, if you are now "time-tracking and invoicing" a good app that suits your workflow may be what you need.  


    Anyways, make a list of the things you need help with and start looking for resources!


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