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"In your Workspace account, click Home"--where is this?

I'm trying to set up forwarding my godaddy webmail to my gmail account.


The first step in godaddy's support is:

"In your Workspace account, click Home"


I've looked everywhere in what I believe is my Workspace account--I see "Homepage", but I don't see "Home".


I'm probably missing something obvious, but it would be helpful to have a screenshot of what "Home" looks like.







Hi @singer1993


Thank you for your post. Sorry about the confusion. I hope this walkthrough will help.


Please navigate the following: 

1. Log in to your account

2. Click the My Products tab at the top (Home will only show if you host a website on GoCentral with us from what I understand)

3. In the Workspace Email column , click Manage All


4. Once on the next screen click the button Create Forward

5. Fill in the areas with the forward address you would like to create on your domain and the address you will be forwarding to.

6. Click Create



Hope this helps!