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Winmail.dat Problem

Email client Outlook 2019. 


I send an email to three people.


The email has a single jpeg attachment.

Two email addresses can display the email fine.

When i open webmail there are now three attachments.



EmbeddedRTF.rtf   Size 1k

Image.jpg   Size 1k.

(Screenshot at the end)


Same mail client for below two email address.


Work server displays the email file. displays the JPEG attachment as a winmail.dat file.

Does not seem to be a client issue (Outlook 2019) as Outlook and work exchange server can display the email fine.

What is happening?

Go_Daddy Winmail.JPG

Super User I
Super User I

Re: Winmail.dat Problem

Hello @SABOS 


Check out this article and see if this helps you out with your issue. 

Very Respectfully,

Drew Davis
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Re: Winmail.dat Problem

Sorry @davisdre317.

It is the standard solution printed everywhere else but not a solution for me.


I send only one email and three email addresses are copied into it.

Two of them render the email fine and the Godaddy one does not.

This is beyond weird.