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I need to connect to an external SMTP



I am on a shared hosting (the economy 1 plan)  My business requires to send regular emails to customers, however, my emails are getting caught by yahoo spam filters. 

I am trying to connect to an external SMTP but that's not possible while it's working fine on my localhost I figured out that it's not possible to connect to an external SMTP using my current plan. So, I need to know two things:

1. What are the minimum requirements (hosting plan) to be able to send emails via external SMTP? if it's even possible

2. Is it possible to send emails without getting caught by spam filters on my current plan?

Community Manager

Hi @ahmedheikal. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 

It sounds like you are trying to send email from one of our shared hosting plans. If so, you wouldn't be able to use a 3rd party SMTP server to do so. The only email server you can send from with a shared hosting plan is That may be part of the problem you're having. You'll also want to make sure your domain's SPF records reflect which server you're sending to. A mismatch there can also cause problems with messages getting delivered as spam. 


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@JesseW is it available to use a third party SMTP on a VPS host?