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Freezing Several Panes In Excel On A Mac

I just purchased MS Off. 365 Business Edition For My MAC.


I am unable to freeze several panes on my spreadsheet because the under the View Tab, the Freeze Panes drop down only allows the following 3 choices:

1. Unfreeze Panes

2. Freeze Top Row

3. Freeze First Column


I have tried a variety of work-arounds with no success: highlighting several rows, placing my cursor below the last row I want frozen, merging several rows etc.

does anyone have a suggestion or know when MS is going to fix this!??






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Hi @DavidSilberberg,

Your package should have come with full help documentation, either downloaded, or online via a 'help' link......... top left!

You can also contact Microsoft support.

But then again............


Contact numbers etc available at bottom of page too........ They should be the best people to answer your question here, they made it. 

But then again I can't really fathom why someone with a Mac would want to use excel to be honest. 'Numbers' is far superior once you learn it. Just my humble opinion for what it's worth. You are now finding this out unfortunately.

Hope you find a workaround.