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Email InfoCenter unable to acces.


I've just bought a domain and I received 100 free forwarding emails.
I'm trying to forward different mails to my gmail but when I'm almost done in Gmail it asks me for username, password, port, and SMTP Server. When I go on GoDaddy to acces Email InfoCenter it redirect me to he homepage to re-login, I do it and then the process is the same, re-login, and re-login, I can't acces the Email InfoCenter, why?

Thank you,

Community Manager

Hi @vault378. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


With email forwarding accounts, there is no inbox associated with them. This is probably why the info center isn't available. Forwards work as a sort of pass through. You configure the forward to send messages to a specific address, and that's all they do. You shouldn't need to create special settings within your Gmail account to access these forwards unless you want to automatically filter them for some reason. 


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