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Domain Forwarding with email

I have two domains, and  I have a domain forwarding entry for to  This works fine for the web. 


I have created an email account  I can send from this account with no problem but can not receive.  Should this work or do I need to make the DNS forwarding point at the main URL (ie Does email work with DNS forwarding?



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Hi @threehsweb,


You need to simplify things here. You have basically 3 domains:

  2. (sub domain)
  3. .....and


I can find a MX record for:

  1. which is mail server and priority 0 

  2. which also has priority 0

I can connect to mail server.

Difficulty connecting to mail server.

So your main site email should work, and also would probably work were it not then trying to forward to where there is no MX record it seems. You either have to copy the MX record from to, or create a new email for 

But I wouldn't confuse things...............


Hope that made sense?

hi rammsteinium, thanks for the quick reply.  I looked at setting up the MX record for but there isn't a DNS entry for  it in my account.  Though I have set the sub domain up in CPanel it does not show in DNS as a sub domain.


I have set up an email address and that can send to but external email addresses can not.


I even tried changing the MX record on to point at but that does not seem to work.



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Hi @threehsweb,


My suggestion is to simplify and chose main domain and have say 3 email addresses set up from that one main domain. Say for example:,,


I can connect to and I guess that was your first site. You can still forward this site and as long as you kept the MX records untouched then mail would work. You have simply got a little mixed up in the records trying to create separate email addresses all linking and forwarding for each domain. The best way to do that is to add an email service for each domain (because you want each email address to reflect the site address).

Much better to have one main site and one main MX server and if you can you just copy this MX record into your other domains,( except if email load is too great for server, then it's best divided amongst more servers) or simple direct mail to main site,