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DNS Records for Email Forwarding

My website and email (hosted elsewhere) just expired.  My domain on Godaddy had email forwarding available, so I activated that, removed the MX record pointing at my old domain, and created an email forward.  Emails aren't forwarding though (nor are they bouncing).


I found a "Server Settings" link which told me it needed new MX settings, so I created those (using the helpful "what it should be", and now the Server Settings says it's correct, however still it's not forwarding.


Have I set it up correctly?  I know there is sometimes a delay for DNS settings to propagate, but a day is a long time to wait only to find I didn't set it up right in the first place!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: DNS Records for Email Forwarding

Hi @Midavalo. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! It sounds like you've taken the right steps to get things working. It's possible that what you're seeing is related to DNS propagation. It can take a while for those changes to be picked up by networks. Though, if you'd like to provide the domain, I'm sure someone would be willing to double check the DNS settings you have to make sure you're set up for success. 


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