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Block spam with key words?

We have a GoDaddy business domain:  The spam filter has always been good at not blocking important email and getting rid of 90% of the junk.  But lately we've been getting inundated with adds for weight loss products, and since they are clearly using stolen email addresses we can mark them as spam until we're blue in the face and still make no impact.  And there is nothing else for the filter to catch.  I did notice that most of these emails all share some common words in their subject lines: weight, loss, and body.  And I'm sure that in the near future we'll start getting ads for "sexual enhancement" products.  Is there a way to set the filter to catch certain words in the subject line?  Maybe that would put a dent in it.



GoDaddy Please respond!!

I am getting the same emails re: weight loss products.  We have 30 +email address with registered domains thru GoDaddy and others are getting the same emails.  On average 20 plus emails from different email address daily.  


I too am receiving tons of these emails, for about a month now. Please do something about it GoDaddy.

Subject: Turn Back The Clock And Boost Your Metabolism And Boost Your Mental Strength
Email address format:    
Content: As we age, our metabolism starts working worse. Plus URL


Loads more emails have come throught today  - almost 20 at once. Can you please look at this!


I too am having these same issues with spam. All related to weight loss and clarity of thinking yada yada yada. Even worse, some of them are now hitting my inbox instead of getting caught in bulk mail. Also had a very strange thing happen this morning after I totally cleared out all the junk. Suddenly an "apparent" legitimate email and document appeared in my bulk folder from 2015. I do not know how this happened and I do not know if it is the original email or a spoofed one, I deleted the email without opening. I implore go daddy to look into this situation and give us customers some advice and solutions. Certainly they have the ability to send a mass email to their customers...


Me too. GoDaddy - can you do something about this?

 Me too!!!! Please HELP!!!

Add me to the list of people going crazy with these spam ads.


If you have not been made aware .... GoDaddy has been slowly phasing out the WorkSpace email platform  and pushing everyone to Office 365.  It should be of no surprise then that they aren't going to provide any support above and beyond keeping it alive..... for now. I'd expect they'll eventually keep raising the cost until it no longer makes sense to use WorkSpace. I'm in agreement with all of you ... why can't we add TLD's to the block list??