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how to cancel autorenew domain after autopaid?



I have a big problem with my account.


A few days ago godaddy autorenewed one of my damain. I don`t activate that option, it was added automatically (when I bought domain, i think).


Transaction for autorenew already done (2 days ago), but I want to cancel it and to cancel domain renew. Where I can do that?   Thanks!


Sorry for my bad english,


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Re: how to cancel autorenew domain after autopaid?

My usual answer would be to contact support @delpishor but that isn't always an option. You can Turn off Auto Renew but that won't help you with the previous charge. You can Cancel Your Domain or Cancel any products in your GoDaddy account but that does not guarantee you will receive a refund or credit to your account. You should contact support directly about receiving a refund and have a look at the Refund Policy. Hope that helps.

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cant cancel renewal

Can a member of staff please cancel my renewal on my domain because i dont want it anymore and you charged my dam bank for it! I have tried to cancel it and delete it and your dam error was


Oops, you failed to set Auto Renew on these products.:.UK (.CO.UK) Domain Name Registration - 1 Year - ............................
Auto-Renew setting could not be changed for one or more product(s). Please try again or contact customer support if this issue continues.


PLEASE CANCEL IT NOW! I DONT WANT IT ANYMORE! I will seek legal advice if this carries on.

Re: cant cancel renewal

Why don't you just give them a call, it will be quicker and they are open 24/7. I doubt you would have any type of case when you didn't even try to call GoDaddy yet. 


Re: cant cancel renewal

You want someone to do something for you, but, you have given no info whatsoever. You expect results? Good luck with your lawsuit..As the other poster replied, "Call them". They have always been most helpful when I have called. One time, they had to make the payment go through, then it was deleted from the account section, and the money was refunded. Only took a couple minutes of talking with a rep.

Re: how to cancel autorenew domain after autopaid?

thanks for the help,  very easy to follow.

Re: cant cancel renewal

Ive got the same problem Im in England and cannot afford to ring the States on my mobile. Am very angry as I never pressed 'auto renew' but its on and seems impossible to turn off. When I try to get into my account proper I get 'you don't have permission to access'. I am trying to respond to Godaddy's email to renew. Is this a deliberate tactic on their part? And if so which body in the UK should I go to to raise a complaint?  

i Cant Cancel Protected

i Cant Cancel Protected Registration and  Auto-Renew i talk with  Some people from godaddy chat but not help

i need Real help



Re: cant cancel renewal

I have exactly the same problem. I cannot stop auto renewal for selected domain names as the website area dealing with current expiring domains only allows "select all" - absolutely frustrating!

Re: cant cancel renewal

i have the same issue. talked to online chat there is no help.

Re: cant cancel renewal

Same problem here, if you signed up for Protected Registration from Go Daddy,  when you tried to cancel the service they will ask you to provide Government issued photo ID in order for them to make any changes to the account. 

Re: cant cancel renewal

The default "Renewals" page (e.g. the page that links in the email notifications from GoDaddy takes you to) indeed did not present an option to cancel auto-renew (only to enable it).  However, these instructions from Godaddy worked for me:


Good luck all.

Re: cant cancel renewal

Tried this also and it did not work. response message is: 

Well, that's a bummer.

Re: cant cancel renewal

Same problem here. I took the time to call and be walked through it. No results. 72 hours later and protection still on. I today did the chat thing and got an email from them outlining the steps (same as what I got from the call) but this time I screen shot the whole process (including the chat). Still the "Bummer" and this time a "manage my protection Not Available" screen. They cleverly do not have a customer support email address so that you document your intent to cancel subscription. Had the same problem with World of Warcraft for my son. It's fraud in my country and is treated as such. My problems with World of Warcraft got resolved quickly. 


Re: cant cancel renewal

Hey @ViralLux,


To clarify, are you trying to remove protected registration from your account? This is a different cancellation process as outlined here. Keep in mind that the cancellation of protected registration doesn't automatically cancel the domain, that needs to be canceled through the regular cancellation steps previously posted by @rd.


If none of these steps are working for you, I would advise reaching out to our live support once more explaining the situation so they can better assist in helping you cancel the domain. 


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