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New domain manager filter unfiled domains

I signed up to GoDaddy because the old domain manager was easy to use and did everything I needed. I have started using the new domain manager and I am much happier now that the folders feature has been added but there is one related feature that is missing. How do I search for all domains that have not been filed in a folder?


I manage just under 400 domains for a group of companies and we keep each in the folder of the group company that it belongs to so I can easily change registration details etc. When we register or transfer domains I need to make sure they have been put into a folder and sometimes they don't appear straight away so I forget. I used to be able to search for unfiled domains but I can't see where to do this now.







I'd suggest adding (unfiled) to the Folder drop down would be the simplest solution to this problem, rather than adding something to the filter search criteria as that would be more consistent.

It would be useful to have an optional column in the view that shows the folders