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Domain renewal


I purchased domain 1 year ago and renew auto. But problem of my credit card it was not renewed and the time was up. Now I want to renew my domain but it's not shown in my list, if I purchased it again it told me domain already taken, and when I check with WHOIS it says domain is on my name. How can I resolve it?

Thank you

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Re: Domain renewal

It really depends on where you are in the process @insta1ltd. Did you notice this after a day or did you not notice the failed billing for three months? In my experience after a domain expires you can usually pay the renewal from between one to thirtyish days without an additional fee. Perhaps your billing will even attempt to rebill two or three times? After 30 days the is a redemption period but normally that requires an additional cost. If you are just noticing after nine months then we're talking a different process entirely.


So, what is your situation @insta1ltd? Thirtyish is not a technical term by the way.

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