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Domain information not making it out to WhoIs Databases

GoDaddy is the registrar for one of my domains and I am using it for a SharePoint site hosted by Apps4Rent. I purchased an SSL certificate from Apps4Rent and as they were setting it up they said that the email address in WhoIs was Admin@domainname, not the email address that GoDaddy has. I got  in a chat with GoDaddy support earlier today and they verified that all of my contacts were the same email and correct. When you look at Godaddy's WhoIs the info is correct. If you go to all of the domain information including the admin needed for the SSL confirmation is blank. 


Apps4Rent says they can't use the info on godaddy/whois.  Is there something that is not pushing this information out of GoDaddy?


Did this ever get resolved for you? I am running into the exact same problem. The Godaddy whois information contains everything while the ICANN whois info is blank.

Sadly no. Really surprised at the lack of support.

Hi @CribSteward @amitbhagwan. Thanks for posting. Please keep in mind that this is a community forum rather than a support form. Users here do not have access to internal GoDaddy systems and generally aren't able to assist with account specific issues.


If your domain isn't showing WHOIS information at ICANN, then there's likely some issue with the way the WHOIS data has been synchronized. Our advanced support team can usually request a resync of this information, and our support team should have been able to help you get that request though. I'm sorry if that didn't happen. The best thing to do would be to connect with customer care once more if this is still happening for you. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.