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    Problem with loading Cryout Theme Settings plugin

    I initially updated Wordpress to 4.9.4 but then ended up with an http error 500 (white page of death). Support told me to return to the last backup version. I did. Everything was fine until I went to make a change in a header graphic that I believe I originally did in Advance Settings (Tempera theme). I'm supposed to download Cryout Theme Settings plugin. Tried. Got the following message: 

    An error occurred while installing Cryout Serious Theme Settings: Destination folder already exists. /home/content/p3pnexwpnas08_data02/74/2507374/html/wp-content/plugins/cryout-theme-settings/

    The question is where is the file? This is not installing like usual plugins, but the file downloaded to my PC. Would this be resolved with an upgrade plan? I'm using Basic.

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    Re: Problem with loading Cryout Theme Settings plugin



    You don't have to upgrade. 😉  4.9.4 was a release that had to be manually updated to fix a bug that effected automatic updates in 4.9.3.   This could be part of the issue.  You can read about that here....


    If you reverted and all is well, but you are still getting 500 errors or WordPress is not behaving as it should then you may have a conflict of some sort.   I have an article on GoDaddy's Garage that can walk you through troubleshooting where the conflict may be:


    Fixing the WordPress “white screen of death” (WSOD)


    Even if you don't have the WSOD, when WordPress is not working as it should, you can use this process to eliminate the possibility of a conflict. 


    Then, once you've done that if your issues are not resolved, I would get on the horn with GoDaddy Support and let them know you did in fact do all that and ask for their assistance as it may be something on the back-end between the 4.9.3-4.9.4 update.


    HTH! 😉

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