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    Advocate VII

    Managed Wordpress Hosting Panel

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to see how others in my situation deal with this.


    In my Managed WordPress Hosting panel I have a Developer Plan, An Ultimate Plan, and a Business Plan.  All three have different resource allocation definitions.  The problem that I have is when I use the panel to create a WordPress installation I have ZERO control over which server is installed on.  I've spoken with GoDaddy tech several times and they share the frustration.


    Its very time consuming to play WordPress Roulette on an installation, e.g. spin the installer and hope it lands on the right plan.  For example, I have two sites with decent traffic, and are plugin-heavy.  The resources for a developer plan meets the requirements. Right now, one of those sites is on a basic business plan after it was supposed to be migrated to the "developer" platform.  The result is more time/money being spent to get it to the proper platform.


    Has anyone encountered this and how do you handle it?





    For those in this situatio

    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
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    Sorry, having a similar issue with Managed Wordpress hosting right now. Purchased the third tier account so that I could manage two sites at once, but neither site shows up (there is an error on the server) and the cPanel does not work at all - it won't let me choose either of the domain names to get started.


    Meanwhile, the entire hosting account seems to have taken the day off - it IS Saturday after all - and I guess I'll just have to wait until Monday. I know GoDaddy provides greater service and quality than what I've experienced today, so i'm going to chalk it up to a full-moon week or something. I have faith and trust and have had innumerable good results. I was just hoping to get these sites up this weekend. One is a faith-based website, and the other is more my graphics blog. Neither is so important that they get online tonight... but you know how it is.


    It's all good. GoDaddy will be back in tip top shape soon! 🙂



    Eric A. Hendrix, MSG(R), USA

    Choose a different host if you need managed wordpress with godaddy. Their Managed Wordpress seems to be a beta product with a bunch of bugs on it. I can't even pull production to staging today. My site is in an endless loop. The message on the screen says this should take "up to 2 minutes" to complete. I called support and they said 2 hours and a few minutes later came back on the line and said at least 24 hours. 


    I wish i found a better host for managed wordpress type of service that actually works.


    I've never had a problem with WordPress working, its just the hosting panel doesn't identify the server a site is hosted upon.  In my GoDaddy Pro panel I can assign a site to a client/installation, but its not quite what I want.


    After talking with a couple of support people and a GoDaddy customer development representative in CA, I'm confident this will be resolved.  The undertaking of providing a relatively new hosting platform to millions of customers is a daunting task.  I've been in large-scale software development projects before and its an incredibly difficult process.  I have confidence that GoDaddy will get these problems worked out, and in the meantime I find workarounds that allow me to accomplish what I need.


    At this stage of WordPress development, I really don't think there's a service out there that provides a perfect solution for all installations.  WordPress has evolved in much the same way as Microsoft Excel.  Its a great platform, pretty easy to use, and often used for things it was never really meant to do.




    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    YES. I am experiencing the same thing. Its very frustrating. Screenshots attached. Needs to get fixed ASAP!

    Product Team

    Hello everyone.  You're absolutely right, the site/install management tools we have right now leave much to be desired -- you guys deserve a lot better.


    I'm happy to tell you that we're working on a fully revamped site management experience as we speak and we know you're going to love it!


    I can't give any dates, but it is in the works--we can't wait to show you what we've been working on!



    Is there any news on the update status?


    If you haven't seen the Managed WordPress control panel has been completely revamped. I like it.


    Here's a question -- is it possible to map a custom domain to the STAGING server? I cannot find the option for this and I believe the old control panel allowed this. Thanks!

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