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    Managed WordPress Error: Connection Reset/Timeout

    My wordpress websites are down from last 6 days while all other websites are working fine. These wordpress websites are working fine in localhost but not on Godaddy. I made no changes to these websites whatsoever, however the phone support has not been able to provide me any insight on this issue keeping me on hold for 20 long minutes.


    Hey everyone,


    Just following up. I know all of our Hosting, Networking, and Managed WordPress teams have been working hard to resolve this issue. So sorry for any trouble that was caused during the time it took to resolve this. 


    Final adjustments should have been completed over the weekend and we've been monitoring to be sure the issue did not re-occur again. As system related issues should be resolved now, we recommend any further errors encountered be directed towards our live support so they can help further investigate. 


    We greatly appreciate everyone's continued patience! Smiley Happy


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    Helper V

    Will need more information to provide assistance. Most likely if no change has been made on your end the issue is with Godaddy. When you say your site doesn't work what do you mean. what happens when you go to your site? are you getting a 404 not found error, a  different error, Are you getting a page can't be found/ Failed to connect to server? Have you tried to connect to your site from a different computer/network? if you can provide one of the domains affected I can see what happens when trying to access the site.

     Be sure and check your visitors.  I've been seeing hits from overseas attempts to reach Wordpress administration pages.  If you do block the IP.   But since you're already down see what GoDaddy finds out.  But definitely keep eye on visitors and what pages they hit.

    Hi all,


    I'm in the same boat.  I call it "my site's on a yo-yo"! In the message below, please note I'm not speaking on behalf of GoDaddy.  I've just been about a 10-year customer who's seen some changes!


    I'm not 100% sure on the status of the transition, but GoDaddy is updating servers for the Managed WP Hosting.  It was required on their part to do a successful transition to the new versions of php and to improve hardware caching.  WP hosting competition is turning into a HUGE business.  If GoDaddy wants to play in that area, they absolutely have to do these updates because there are some excellent managed WP services around.  Once GoDaddy completes their updates, they'll be in the elite class. 


    I think its fair to say, there are going to be some REAL ROUGH periods during this transition.  Unfortunately, its the nature of the beast in keeping up with the fast-changing requirements.  My main problems have been more on editing the site rather than site display.  For the next couple of weeks I'm minimizing major changes if possible and focusing more on getting some new content in the pipeline for when I know the transition is complete on the server/site I'm working on.


    One other thing.  If you call tech support don't get mad at them.  I'm not sure that they are well informed about what is going on in the WP world, and that's not their fault.  For example, as I was looking for a solution for hosting a high-profile project I'm want to launch very soon I asked about Managed WP Cloud hosting.  He started telling me about a bare-bones Cloud server.  I said, no, Managed WP Cloud.  He said, "Just a sec." He went to, checked the hosting services ,and said he did not know that Managed WP Cloud even existed.  "No one's told us about it."


    I'm confident that in their next-generation Managed WP Hosting they will make the changes necessary to correct the problems many are having.


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Glad to hear it's not just me!  My site has been "on a yo-yo" for the past couple weeks.  Sometimes I'll be working in the WP dashboard and it will just become unresponsive, eventually giving me HTTP errors.  If I try to access the public site I either get timeouts or connection reset errors.  The really weird thing is that a couple times it's happened, if I try accessing it from another computer on the same network here it works!  But, right now it's just dead dead.


    If it weren't such a pain to deal with customer support BS I'd call to complain and ask for an account credit...

    Community Manager

    @phxzs - Sorry this is happening for you. I definitely get your frustration. This isn't the type of experience we want you to have. I know there are issues with some Managed WordPress accounts that we're looking into. The best thing to do here would be to get in touch with our support team so they can make sure any issues on our end get addressed. 


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    Well, it doesn't get any better.  Couldn't get my WP site to work on a plesk server and was told to switch to a Linux based server.  Of course that is another couple hundred dollars.  Decided to try the managed WP hosting.  Three days now and still can't make an update.  I had to email in the primary plugin to have it installed because the server aborted every 19 seconds.  I think someone said, you get what you pay for and I went cheap.  But at least I thought it would work.


    I like the other option, cancel my account (over 14 years) and find a hosting company that can provide WP hosting.


    It would be one thing if GoDaddy would be up front and let us know what is going on and when we can expect the problems to be resolved.  But denying there is a problem is insulting.

    Okay, but this would have been relevant information for the support people to tell me when I spoke to them. They tried to make it seem like it was my fault and when I proved it wasn't, that it was my ISP. I'm losing patience with this. I need info/files up ASAP, not when it's convenient for godaddy.

    Are you talking about not being able to to view the site at all? Because I can view mine. I just can't update it. I worked find one day and then the next. Poof. Depending on how long this is going to happen I might see about transfering my domain from here to another company. I  finally spoke to someone who just tolde me to wait another 12-24 hours and it migh be fixed and then they tried to sell me a plan to back up my site.  What?? really? couldn't solve my problem and you wanted to upsell me? Smiley Mad


    My site is seriously screwed up right now, because I can't upload anything. Support says wait 24 hours. 24 Hours to have a functioning website? Is this 1995? Come on Godaddy, this is ridiculous


    Anyone have any suggestions? No errors, just no uploading.  When I try and upload a file, it writes over the file as blank and then just sits there.


    Meanwhile my website is dead.

    Are you able to connect through sftp to your site? If you are and you're just unable to upload, then it could be a permissions issue.


    If the problem is that the domain hasn't propagated yet, the alternative would be to connect and upload via IP instead of domain name.



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    Unfortunately, I've had some of the same problems.  I've tried different FTP clients and even use different internet providers.  I've received similar answers and I'm trying like heck to be patient while they get things fixed. 


    Hope it gets better soon!


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    yes, we can connect through sFTP, can upload some small files, but nothing above 10 kB.  I cancelled my wordpress hosting account today, I can't afford to wait for GoDaddy to figure out how to host web sites.  I went with another provider, they had my site up in under 20 minutes.  And the best part?  they were cheaper than godaddy.

    Totally understood.  Good luck, and hopefully you'll check out GoDaddy again.  They are certainly having some problems, but the end product will be good as they fix it.


    To your business success!


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Hey everyone,


    Sorry for the delay on this matter. I just got word from our hosting teams that there's been some recent infrastructure changes that should help address the connectivity and timeout errors you've been experiencing on some of your Managed WordPress sites. We're still monitoring the situation to make further adjustments as needed. 


    If any of you are still encountering the errors you've been seeing before, please reach out to our live support so our hosting team can collect some additional information necessary for the investigation. Just in case, you might be asked to provide packet capture results through WireShark





    To address your last question, this issue applies to both site connectivity as well as updates you may trying to apply through the Dashboard. Saw screens from your other discussion and those are the same errors that have been reported in this issue. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    On the way to start testing now!




    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
    Getting Started

    Im not happy.  I still can't do anything. Its either fixed by the end of day monday or on Tuesday, I will be looking into how to transfer transfer my website/domain whatever some place else.

    Getting Started

    Having literally hundreds of Wordpress installs over the years, I am fairly well versed in setup, edit, updates (ex: themes, plugins, etc.).


    Each of the latest new purchase/installs utilizing GoDaddy Managed Wordpress have resulted in CONSIDERABLE problems (e.g. TIMEOUT issues) with attempts to edit/update the site via internally (e.g. within Wordpress admin panel) AND externally (e.g. FTP/SFTP via Adobe Dreamweaver and other FTP/Website Designer applications).

    I have emailed recent Tracert and WinShark packets to support and they have confirmed there is a problem within connections to them (e.g. seems to be related to the hop and/or hops immediately afterwards). They seem to have fixed it for a single client account of mine and now having the EXACT SAME ISSUE with another new account. For the record, I am physically located in Eastern North Carolina.

    I understand from GoDaddy support that this problem has affected hundreds.

    Are ANY of you experiencing this problem? Suggestions for resolution?

    Hey @MichaelDHudson,

    I actually moved your message from your new topic to this one since it's related to the same issue being addressed on some of our Managed WordPress plans now. Glad to hear you were already able to provide some of the information our hosting teams are needing for their investigation in to this. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Was there a resolution for this? I am having the same issue with my WordPress.

    So far, my client's new Managed Wordpress (Developer) account does not update via the Wordpress Admin panel (e.g. menus, customization, etc.) nor via FTP/SFTP (ex: Adobe Dreamweaver and/or other designer desktop clients). 😞