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    How to change a domain from cPanel to Wordpress



    I have built a new wordpress site which currently is sitting at the default ftp domain supplied to me by GoDaddy. I want to change the domain to be one which I already have under a CPanel hosting with GoDaddy. In theory I believe I should be able to use the Add domain button under the My Site Domains area, but the domain name I want to use is not showing up as an option. I have also changed the 'A' record to the IP Address of the ftp default domain which just leads to the result of a 'pageok' text string being shown for the website not the wordpress site I have created. Not sure how to rectify this, any insight would be great. I suspect it may be to do with the needing to change nameservers but am not sure which nameserver to use.



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    Hey @Sam5,


    I think you're referring to changing the domain name on a new Managed WordPress plan, which you can do through the steps outlined here. If that's not what you meant, we''l need more clarification so members can reviewing this discussion can offer more suggestions. 


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