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    Does Basic Managed WP Hosting NOT include ability to add another DB ??

    Greetings All !


    I moved an old Wordpress site here well over a year ago and haven't had much time to work on fixing a few of its issues.  


    So, I want to restore an old image gallery I used to have associated with this (but it wasn't something that was integrated with Wordpress... not a plug in).    


    But when I try adding a database via PHPMyAdmin (by either importing the entire backup script or just sending it the initial "create" statement as an SQL statement), it says my username doesn't have permission.


    So, I'm guessing that's not included with Basic Managed WP Hosting, eh?   (Can't seem to find anywhere where it says that one way or another in the various control panels and the help system or even the marketing material.)

    What would it take for me to get upgraded to where that would be allowed?

    Also, I'm thinking of other options here.  I'd have a whole lot of "fun" trying to import and re-label all of my old image gallery's photos... but just in case:    I don't see any officially-approved image gallery plug in in the official plug-ins page.   Is there any "official" solution?



    -= Dave =-


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    Hey @DR4296


    You won't be able to setup new database accounts or utilize the "Create" command within PHPMyAdmin on our shared hosting environments. This also applies to Managed WordPress hosting plans which are limited one database per website. 


    If you need to import data into the existing database; your options will be through one of our article steps for Restoring from another host, Importing via SSH, or through a backup SQL file


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    So do you OFFER an upgrade to my Managed Wordpress Hosting package that would OFFER an additional Mysql database?


    How can I create new database in GoDaddy Managed Wordpress hosting? This will be used to a new platform in a sub directory.