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    Directory Creation in Filezilla

    I'm trying to integrate Apple Pay with my Braintree Account . In order to do so, I have to host a certain file provided by Braintree at a certain URL ([filename]. I've tried to create that directory in Filezilla but it keeps not allowing me to create it. It does let me upload the file to an existing directory though (but that doesn't get me anywhere). I would appreciate some help with this.

    P.S. The directory I'm trying to create is   ".wellknown"

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    .wellknown would be a hidden file which cannot be uploaded to think of it like a text file.


    dot (.) files are typically configuration related. 



    Mike L. | WebPro

    I'm not trying to upload the .wellknown directory. I tried to create another directory under the "/" main folder and it kept on not allowing that folder to be made. Does anyone know a way to create this folder so I can upload the file to it.