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How can I get the my product details in my reseller plan providin ID using godaddy secureserver API?
I want to get details from a product providing only ID (and/or prog_id in secureserver.net) so that I could update the some features, descriptions and especially the price (and/or country) to au...

New Member -- Intro Nonprofit Consultant
Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.  I just recently found out about the GoGetter community and am looking forward to participating in it.   I have owned my own grassroots busines...

Having difficulty with my site opening/loading
hi   my site doesnt open   www.bebice.net   please help

Remote MySQL with dynamic IP
I wanted to host my website on a private ip provided by my local cable provider. IP range 192.168.xx.xx. I have updated the DNS record on godaddy but am on able to reach the website. Please do I nee...
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October 4th AMA on WordPress - How do you really do it right?
Join us October 4th for an in depth discussion about WordPress at 11:30am PDT.  Get insights, expertise and answers to your questions with JM Pepper!  Add a comment below to include your qu...

Email Marketing
I have been using the eCommerce website tools for 2 years now and some reason I can not find the email marketing tab that allows me to change the new order email template.  I am not having googl...

How to increase product sale in e-commerce site
How to increase product sale in e-commerce site.. Great ideas welcome

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