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shared host ip blacklisted in CBL for malware redirect

I am having the problem with the shared host server of GoDaddy where complains about a site hosted in the same shared host. My CRM software is not accepting the email id of my domain quoting  the ip is blacklisted!

I talked to Godaddy service but I doubt if they understand or they are not ready to support though they understand. What do people do in this case (I see there are around 80 sites hosted in this ip!) I have already reported about the site in Godaddy abuse link but not sure an action would be taken or when it would be taken. Any one has any idea?

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Re: shared host ip blacklisted in CBL for malware redirect

What platform are you on?  This is a common problem and a difficult one sometimes.  Waiting to get off a blacklisted server of which you have no control is more than a headache.  One solution has been to buy a new hosting plan and migrate to a whole new IP.  Cancel the original.  Pain in the @$#43# to say the least but that is the consequence of bad behavior on a shared resource.


Consider one of the business hosting plans, the new ones.  They operate and are structured a bit differently than entry level cPanel.  This is my best solution right now.


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Re: shared host ip blacklisted in CBL for malware redirect

Thanks, seems not an easy or quick task. Business plans seems multi fold of cost compared to the shared hosting, will check.