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Very sad with GoDaddy Service and Support

On September 6th, I made a plan upgrade (Linux Deluxe Hosting with cPanel for Maximum Linux Hosting with cPanel and soon after for Launch - Business Hosting). Everything directly from cPanel.


I worked on my new site (within a new subdomain) for 4 days and today to my surprise, the site was off the air. I called the customer center and they said that my IP of subdomains was wrong in DNS. They asked to change and I made that change. After waiting for the propagation, I discovered that all my work had been  worthless, losing everything!


I contacted the customer center again and after 1 hour and 20 minutes they informed me that they could not do anything and that my last backup had been on September 6th!


The call dropped, the attendant came back but the call dropped again. In the end I missed another day of work trying to solve this problem.


It is really disappointing that a company, which invests so much in marketing, has so many technical and service failures.