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Starting FTP original file transfer

Hey GoDaddy community,


I am in the process of downloading files from my website to my local hard drive. It's interesting to note that the FileZilla client gave me an idea of the amount of MB to go, but that the number of files in the queue just kept going up, past 6000. I have maybe 200 files that I've personally uploaded using the internet browser based client. My question is, why does Godaddy have so many small (apparently automatic) files in my root folder? Thanks in advance,



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Hello @SamuelWeston, depending on what you have uploaded 6000+ files may not be excessive? If you have installed something like WordPress there are a large number of files associated in the file structure. I've seen WordPress installs with 6000 files just in the upload directory (note that the WordPress file upload includes several sizes of each image uploaded). In most cases one image file uploaded to WordPress can generate as many as five files, this is done to help page load times.


I also would note that FileZilla! is a great program but doesn't always provide the most accurate file structure information. You perhaps have experienced that load times and file structure numbers are not always accurate.


Perhaps you are also downloading backup and system directories as part of your structure? I hope that helps?

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