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Resource Limit Is Reached - deluxe hosting

"Resource Limit Is Reached" message coming and site is down since 2 weeks.

I had a standard hosting from Godaddy earlier so i bought "deluxe hosting" so that this issue gets fixed. Unfortunately 32 hrs later problem persists...and it shows that CPU and Processes are out of its asking me to upgrade again my option is to go to the next level "ultimate" hosting and pay more, and it will be twice in two days then.

Issue is, how do i know that it WILL get fixed if i buy it? 

and for some reason the help chat is showing offline and the HELP box also ends in this message "You don't have permission to access "" on this server.

Reference #18.54367c68.1536656656.3d40b25"

Someone please help

Helper IV

If chat is not working, You can directly make a call. Visit