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PHP not working

I am having a weird PHP problem. With really simple PHP problems, like just echo'ing something in a .php file, that works. But in a whole section of my website which is basically a portal system I'm developing for my customers, no PHP works. In fact, even HTML that is after PHP tags doesn't show up. I have looked over everything, and I'm not forgetting to put ?> somewhere or anything. So now the pages that were working before, without any changes, all of a sudden just show a blank page. Another strange problem is in trying to setup a new MySQL database, any new user I would try to add, it would say "username already exists", no matter if I chose the most random unthought of name in the world. Can anyone help?
Community Manager

Hi @baileymoore. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! This sounds like there's a problem with your hosting account. Maybe PHP has stopped functioning. Unfortunately, this isn't a support forum and no one here would have access to your hosting plan. You'll want to connect with our customer care team so they can take a look at the account. Sorry Man Sad


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