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Linux vs Windows hosting

Can anyone help me understand whether i should get GoDaddy's Linux hosting or Windows hosting. Their chat is offline.  Thanks!

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Re: Linux vs Windows hosting

Hi @Steve024,

I don't think it's a one versus the other really. It's just down to preference. Try the hat, and if it fits, wear it.

Sorry....... no flame wars here @Steve024

Re: Linux vs Windows hosting

Ram- Thanks, that's the understanding i got from further research. Appreciate your response!

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Re: Linux vs Windows hosting

Thanks @Steve024

and I do see the chat is off and on. It's on office hours Arizona local time. I don't know what that is now hang on ....... 15:36 pm and they will shut at 6pm their time.

If you notice it going off and on, it's just high volume and you may need to be quick to get in the queue there.

Worth bearing in mind next time you need help from support.


Take care and welcome to the forum