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Cloudflare + GoDaddy problem



I have a domain with Cloudflare which i'm trying to point at my GoDaddy hosting. I've added in the correct IP, altered the nameservers, however all i'm seeing is a Page Not Found page (see below).


Has anybody experienced this?






Re: Cloudflare + GoDaddy problem

Hey Chris,


The picture won't load for me, whats the domain in questions?

in is Re: Cloudflare + GoDaddy problem

Hey, The domain is

Re: in is Re: Cloudflare + GoDaddy problem


So we can rule out the domain being the issue as the cloudflare nameservers you mention are working.


I'll assume that the A records are ok on cloudflares side as I can't check them as Cloudflare mask it.


Meaning the page not found error is related to the hosting.


The error page does refer to sercureserver on the ftp section which is a godaddy domain.


Have you uploaded the website content and if so what directory have you uploaded it to?


What type of website is it, html, php, wordpress or any other CMS?


Have you checked the error logs from your hosting control panel?