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Business Hosting is slower than Shared Hosting


I have several shared hosting setups at Godaddy. 3 weeks ago I purchased the "Launch" business hosting.
I didn't expected so much speed, because I purchased the smallest business hosting package.


But it's weird that it's actually slower than the Economy shared hosting, especially I/O operations.

Even via SSH I can only move files with half the speed of Economy hosting.


I've tried to tell support about that, and also about that my TTFB is actually slower than on shared hosting. Previously on shared hosting I haven't ever experienced high TTFB since I already optimised my website, well above standard optimisations.

Then support linked me GTmetrix, pingdom tools, etc to tell me that I should use these tools to measure website speed and I need to optimise my website since my theme, plugins, etc cause the slow speed.



I can clearly see and measure that I/O operations are slow, but they keep tellin me this crap that my wordpress installation is bad and that cause the slowness.


Then next time I instead choose Deluxe Shared hosting as it's cheaper and faster than business hosting.

Also it's weird that if I want to upgrade the current business hosting then I have to pay the full price of the next one.

They don't deduct the current hosting's price that I already paid out.




If I have a hosting and there is nearly 1 year left before it expires, then an upgrade will delete it, so my money will go to the trash.

Is it fair?

Helper V



The business hosting customers have a dedicated support number, please try that...

(480) 463-8824




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

I have also noted that it is slower and just today my site went down and has been unreachable all day! 

Getting Started

I'm experiencing the same slow speed with the Expand Business Hosting plan. My GTmetrix scores are almost at 100% for Pagespeed and YSlow, yet it still takes 3 seconds on average for a less than 1mb page to load...


I called and ask support what processors I was using on Business Hosting, and he said that because it's just dedicated resources on a shared environment that he would not be able to tell me.  Not really the transparency you look for when wanting to make a decision about your website.




I have 3 clients on Launch Business Hosting and am experiencing the same issue with all of their websites. One is only running a single completely optimized custom site with a ~850kb homepage, A gtmetrix score, etc., but TTFB is still 1-2 seconds and the only thing keeping us from achieving a high Google PageSpeed Insights score.


All of the sites my clients have on Launch Business Hosting have been optimized as much as possible and clones of all sites on my 1&1 Ionos VPS with less resources, identical settings, PHP version, etc. have a TTFB of ~250ms, while TTFB on Launch Business Hosting is between 1-2 seconds. Absolutely unacceptable... especially considering how expensive it is.


Of course when I called and asked they just gave me the runaround telling me to check gtmetrix, must be a problem with your site, etc. When confronted with the fact that all of these sites have a TTFB of ~250ms on a VPS with less resources and identical server settings they just repeat the same irrelevant lines like you're an idiot and don't how things work. Very frustrating and disappointing.


Unfortunately it looks like I'll have to move these clients to new hosting when it comes time to renew and can't recommend GoDaddy Business Hosting to anyone going forward. GoDaddy Business Hosting is garbage and I can get 10x the speed with a VPS for half the price of Launch Business Hosting.


What's odd is that GoDaddy is aware of the fact that they're bloating their shared servers, and the way they've decided to handle the lag is to throttle (connection lost / 503) on basic processes based on i/o.


I've sent them example after example of simply saving a basic page with my cPanel i/o and memory shooting off charts in red - they act like it's the first time they've ever heard of it - even though I'm a web developer with dozens of websites that I manage across many different hosting services.


The only one so far that craps out like this has been GoDaddy, consistently.