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ASP.NET Core 1.0 is out. Will GoDaddy hosting plans support this?

Hello everyone,


As the title suggest, will GoDaddy hosting plans support anytime soon ASP.NET Core 1.0 web pages?


I remember trying to deploy an ASP.NET Core page about a month ago, when it was still in beta, and I was unable to make it work.

Product Team

Hello Everyone. Wanted to give you a quick update. .NET core 1.0/1.1/2.0 has been installed on all of our Plesk Shared hosting systems. This feature is not present in the Plesk UI at this time, but it is available for use by default. .NET Core applications can be manually uploaded via FTP or Visual studio. 


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I'd suppose you can install it yourself if using a windows VPS or Dedicated Server

Regards, R. Zelnick

i wonder whether or not .net core available for hosting plans.

some companies already started ?

Community Manager

Hi @scubaFun


We currently run Plesk 12 on our Windows Web Hosting plans. According to this forum post on the Plesk website, they may not even support Core on Plesk 12.5. As such, we're not likely to support ASP.NET Core very soon. Sorry Smiley Sad 


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There is an update in thread which says "ASP.NET Core 1.0 is now supported in Plesk Onyx -" so is there any update from Go Daddy on this.


@JesseW wrote:

Hi @scubaFun


We currently run Plesk 12 on our Windows Web Hosting plans. According to this forum post on the Plesk website, they may not even support Core on Plesk 12.5. As such, we're not likely to support ASP.NET Core very soon. Sorry Smiley Sad 


me too i am waiting .net core 1.0 support  for my web hosting


anyway i dont think use your hosting service anymore even i have unlimited hosting which already paid 2 years congratulations you won. first conversation started nearly 4 months ago still doesn't support it. furthermore .NET Core can works on .NET 4.6.1 or .NET 4.5 but yours doesn't work. 
Thank you for your interest

Community Manager

@abhisheksiddhu @msalih I checked with one of our developers and the integration of Core 1.0 is something we're in the process of considering. However, there's currently no timeframe for when or if this will happen. It's unfortunate, but I can understand that you may consider another provider if this is a feature you need. We definitely appreciate the feedback, regardless. 


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

also waiting for core support.
I was so disapointed when i see no support after buying 3 years.. Just tought that "this is big company" and will supoort from the first day of release but...

And no mail support is VERY BAD. Why am i supposed to wait on the phone call to get support?
In mail we may share codes, pictures easly. It is ok to wait mail reply but not on the phone.


I will be moving my sites as well due to a lack of a plan to support ASP.Net Core. I need a host that is better able to keep up with updates to .NET. The more I research GoDaddy, the more I see that support for new technology has been a continual issue for you. ASP.Net Core was released on 6/27/2016. I may be partially understanding of your inability to update in a timely manor, however being half a year into it and still have no official plan is inexcusable. I have spoken with customer support, technical support, and advanced technical support and found that most all of them still don't know what .Net Core even is. I guess I was just expecting more. Probably should have researched all this prior to signing up. It just seems like your model is more of getting people through the door and then disappointing them. Who cares though? There will be another guy right behind me to set up a new site.

I too am looking to upgrade my site to an ASP.NET Core app. I have the new site ready and waiting, but can't deploy until GoDaddy adds support or I change hosting companies. I've been with GoDaddy for over 6 years now so I'd rather not have to switch, but I can't wait much longer.

Hi there,


It's been six months since we last heard anything official about this. Are you able to update us on the progress that's been made so far?

I've spent the last hour trying to figure this out, wish I asked earlier on!  I'll be leaving for service elsewhere. 

Hello @JesseW


What's the status of Asp.Net core support on the shared hosting platform ?

is there any hosting platform that supports it beside dedicate and virtual server.

Do your business hosting support it?


Rather than send me marketing emails I would prefer update like when you intend support new tech like dotnet core or if you already do.


Please I have sent 90 days developing a dotnet web app only to discover you probably won't support it 


is there an update? Does Godaddy now support ASP.NET Core? This is a simple question, I am not sure why this has not been answered or officially addressed

I spoke to a Tech Support person today and asked, "can you confirm whether or not you support ASP.NET CORE on shared hosted sites?".  She said "yes, we support ASP.NET".  I said, "no, I'm asking about ASPNET CORE"; she consulted someone, came back with a "yes, we do".

REALITY CHECK: I haven't been able to successfully deploy via FTP profile via VS2017 15.3.0 Preview 5.... lots of "unknown WinINet error has occured", among other things.

I'm about ready to GIVE UP.

Has anyone succeeded in doing this with current tools, such as I described, and if so could you Please post some detailed example of HOW you were able to make it fly?

Thanks to any/all devs out there who are trying to get this nailed down!

I just asked a chat person and they said no.


First they didn't know what core was, then said no.


I think it depends who you ask.


: )



I had the exact same situation.  Support has no idea what .net core is.  They say yes, but i am unable to configure via their dashboard and the site just errors out.


They do not support .net core. Period


I also am very very frustrated by this and have decided to move all my sites to another hoster.  Just tired of fighting this.  More than anything they just don't know what it is, or are able to provide any sort of schedule of when they might support it.


This is very unfortunate.

Hands down, Worst-->Good Support Hosting Provider at G.D.

I don't know when it got to be so obsolete just like a few years ago they were ahead of the curve with 4.5 mvc support and they've fallen fast and hard and losing lifelong customers like me who own many domains and it's a pain to migrate transfer any of those but doing them all at once to go to inhosting or hostgator may be in the cards for me and my sites and my vps and 3 shared linux servers for work and a simple plesk acct. I use vmracks for all the application data and good alternative to azure or google cloud aws and you have complete vm control and vps hostings for not much more for the service you get in return from them.  

Godaddy needs to start hiring high schoolers with tech knowledge and not unemployed tech illiterate screen-readers who are rude as can be. They couldn't tell me how to do something about my VPS account. But some more Tier 3 support people are great. It REALLY depends on the roll of a few dice.

Has anybody found a good susbtitute to GoDaddy but with Net Core? I believe that Plesk announce that Onyx 17 was supporting ASPNet Core 2. It has to be a better way, without going with Azure...

THEY DONT I LEARNED IT THE HARD WAY! I'm absolutely in the same exact boat! I am having such a hard freaking time with this. RRGH! C'mon GD, ASP.NET Core is significantly less to host, it's far more versatile, unless you have some interworkings with microsoft to where you can't for some reason host it which i dont think is the case, or you have special interest companies with premium hosting or something. I haven't done much research other than who can I go to to take my pro account to. I just dont get why you cant just allow the option to configure it with nginx reverse proxying or even on your windows server IIS machines. What the heck guys. This is legitimately frustrating, I'm having to host my apis on azure and do all my .net on azure essentially, please just once step it up! Service has been going downhill, I know you have a serious clientload but really you guys had the capabilities now that you had ASP.NET 4.5 at the option for .NET ----> 2.5-3 years ago with updates to php 7 that was it a long time ago. What can I do, is this any way to host with you guys? Or do I have to get space at A2? Just get ASP.NET Core 1.0 at least. Nobody needs all the extra tools and gadgets it's a bit much. Turn it around boys, go back to where you came from please... innovation! let's drive innovation now...or someone else will.