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Domain Buy Service (ANGRY)

I read through various other forums about Godaddy's Domain Service and most people had bad things to say about it. However, I have confidence in Godaddy's other departments, so I thought I would give them a go. Was this a mistake?

I spoke with a Customer Service representative and she refused to confirm which language they would be contacting the domain owner in.
I am paying the broker, because I need a Cantonese or Mandarin speaker and the Godaddy representative stated that they couldn't disclose any of this information to me, because the subject of the email is private.

Are you kidding me?

I am the one commissioning the Broker, paying a £50 fee and 20% commission to send the email (copy paste template) but I am not even allowed to know which language the email is been sent in?!
This is madness!

So I could be waiting 30 days while Godaddy send their email template in English, to Chinese speakers who just delete the email as spam. What a waste of time! 
...and don't tell me to "assume" they will send it in Chinese, because assumptions are not good enough; wars are lost on assumptions. We have the right to know this basic and highly relevant information.
If I was able to communicate with the Broker, I would have liked to tell them that they could raise the maximum if the negotiation fails, but it seems a safer bet for me to use a Brokerage Service that actually acknowledges the customer's existence.

Another thing:
The day that I paid for the service, I followed it up with a written email mentioning that the negotiation will likely require a Mandarain or Cantonese speaker, that the domain is apparently obsolete (there was a link to their new site) and some other info to help with negotiations, but I never had a reply. So I called, left a message on the Domain Buy Service voicemail for a callback, but of course they didn't call back either.
So who knows, maybe I won't be informed of the outcome either, because that information is restricted between the Broker (that I hire) and Domain owner (who's domain I want).
Given the absurdity of this, I wouldn't be surprised if this is the case. 

This is insulting and given Godaddy's Brokerage Service total indifference, I suspect Godaddy will fail. I should have taken other peoples advice. However, if by chance they succeed I'll let you know ...unless this thread is locked or deleted. Man LOL

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Super User III

Re: Domain Buy Service (ANGRY)

Hello there,


I understand the frustration but you can't be mad at GoDaddy for executing their business plan, which you agreed to let them do when you agreed to the Terms of Service. GD is in no danger of losing their business and they're very good at what they do when it comes to this kind of thing.


Why don't you give them a chance? I mean, they didn't just become the largest domain registrar and hosting company in the world by intentionally screwing things up.

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Re: Domain Buy Service (ANGRY)

Hi Mr Vapor,

Thanks for your reply, but no company is immune to mistakes and I don't have the time to wait 30 days, when it could be resolved in under one minutes worth of communication.


Think of it like this:

You purchased a book from Amazon that will take 30 days to arrive.
You then see some reviews and apparently, some of the books were been sent out in the wrong language. 

You asked the company to confirm if the book that you are buying will definitely be in English, or if it will be in Cantonese. They tell you that they see your order and they know the language of the book that was sent to you ...but they don't feel like telling you.
So now you (the paying customer) could be wasting 30 days of your time. How would you feel?
Is this professional? 

So I need to wait 30 days, while GoDaddy's copy-paste template is been emailed  ...and they say I don't have the authority to know which language the email is been sent in, even though I am the person hiring them. 

Would you go to the supermarket and buy a can of soup that is in a blank label with no writing on it? Surely you would only pay for something that you can read, because you want to know the product that you are paying for?

You're basically asking me to trust the contents of a mystery soup, in a can with a blank label ...because it's from a big company. 


Re: Domain Buy Service (ANGRY)


Ok, I just spoke with the Domain Buy department. They told me that they send out the automatic email in both languages. They send it in English and also the region that the domain was registered in.

That was good. A straightforward simple answer to a simple question. 
There would have been no problem if I was told that before. It's a shame that the customer service rep gave me the wrong information which then led to this. What she said was absurd ...and now that we can confirm she gave the wrong information, a moderator is welcome to close (and even delete) this thread.

Thanks, I wish you success.