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You need the right content marketing tools if you’re going to create content that helps your business reach new customers.

In this guide, we’ll look at a range of tools that will help you develop ideas for content, as well as creating content.

Content marketing tools for research:

Research is a vital, but often overlooked, part of content marketing. These tools will help you understand your audience, as well as develop ideas for content.


If you’re planning to use content marketing to give your website a boost in organic search results, then you need to make sure that you’re targeting keywords that people are actually searching for. SEMRush will help you find those keywords, and it will also suggest keywords that you might not have thought of.


Want to know what’s getting shared on Facebook? Or which of your competitors’ articles are doing well on Twitter? Buzzsumo allows you to do just that, helping you to understand what kind of topics you should be covering if you’re looking to make a splash on social media.

Answer The Public

Want to know what questions people are asking about a particular topic? Then Answer The Public is the tool for you. All you do is type in the topic you want to research, and it displays the topics people are asking about.

Creating content that answers these questions is a great way to engage with your audience.


Quora is a questions and answers site, so it’s another place you can go to see what people are talking about when it comes to topics related to your business.

Simply search for the keywords you’re interested in and see what questions are being asked.

Content marketing tools for better writing:

Writing is an important part of content marketing, and these tools will help you improve your skills.


Grammarly will help you eliminate mistakes from your writing, and can even help you write better sentences. It comes as a browser plugin, or you can use its online editor.


Hemingway is another app that aims to eliminate mistakes and improve your writing. You can choose between the online editor, or the desktop app.

CoSchedule headline tool

Headlines are the first thing people will see on any piece of content, the CoSchedule headline analyser will help you write eye-catching headlines with ease.

Help Me Write

Want to get direct feedback on your article ideas from the people who will read them? That’s what Help Me Writer offers. You simply use the tool to create a list of ideas you’re thinking of working on and then share it with your followers for their feedback.


If you find you’re the kind of person who is often distracted while writing, then ZenPen could be the tool for you.

It’s a web app that gives you a writing area and little more, so you can stay free from distractions.

Content marketing tools for better visual content

Visuals are a hugely important part of content marketing. They can improve your blog posts, boost your social media profiles, and of course there are infographics – a content marketing staple. Here are tools you can use to improve your visuals.

Over app

If visuals are a big part of your social media marketing efforts, Over will help you make better visuals. This app (a web version is on the way) lets you easily customise images so they have an even bigger impact.


Looking to create infographics but don’t have the budget to spend on a designer? Then Piktochart is worth a look. It allows you to create attractive infographics, presentations and more through an easy-to-use interface.


Canva is another tool that makes creating images for social media or your blog posts quick and easy.


Gifs are always big on social, and if you need to create your own gifs then Imgflip is one of the best tools out there.

You can create gifs from videos or images meaning you don’t have to rely on existing gifs.

Bonus tool

One of the main aims of content marketing is to generate interest in your business, and the best way to start to turn interest into customers is by capturing leads.

To do that, you should strongly consider using email marketing (if you aren’t already).

Imagine you create a popular piece of content that’s viewed by thousands, if you add email marketing into the mix you can ask people who are interested in your product to sign up to your mailing list, which give you a greater chance of turning them into customers.

You can get started by using GoDaddy’s email marketing tool.

Summing up

If you’re looking to take your content marketing efforts to the next level, these are the tools you should be making use of.

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